Presentes en la Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019

Present at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019

We travel to San José California to participate and live directly the experience of the thirtieth edition of WWDC 2019, or as it is known in Spanish, the Apple World Developers Conference. A great event that took place from June 3 to 7, where software developers from all parts of the world met to meet […]

Ofrece un servicio técnico especializado más eficiente con Onfield

Offer a more efficient specialized technical service with Onfield

How can technical services offer a quick and effective response to customer demands? To answer this question we must consider each type of technical service and analyze its internal and particular processes. Thus to find possible communication or management failures that can be optimized to improve the response time to the client. But we can guarantee that […]

Gestiona tu fuerza de ventas con un dedo

Manage your sales force with one finger

The assured success of many businesses and ventures depends on the hard and dedicated work of their sales force. But not all the work depends on it, there are also many tasks that are carried out in the back office and that determine the success of the company and the fulfillment of the objectives for the sales force. For this multiple […]

Gestionar pedidos y no morir en el intento

Manage orders and not die trying

For the vast majority of us it would seem like a good idea to have a relaxed Sunday at home with friends. Order pizzas at home, something to drink and enjoy an afternoon of movies or games. What a joy, when with the hunger and the spirits of sharing the pizzas they arrive punctual and hot, ready to enjoy. Everything is perfect and […]

Importancia de Toma de Inventario Físico y Onfield la hará más fácil

Importance of Physical Inventory Taking and Onfield will make it easier

It has been a problem for organizations to effectively control their stocks. Vital information for decision-making, but why is physical inventory control and inventory necessary? What is its importance and what are the purposes? The most important reasons (Muller, 2005) to manage and maintain inventory within an organization can be summarized in […]